Its Market day at the largest market in Europe  and you are at the main market square in Krakow,Poland .

Thousands upon thousands of people jostling each other ,hundreds of vendors selling their wares.

There is noise,excitement and a kaleidoscope of  colors,smells   and sounds to set your senses ablaze.

You are excited ,everyone is excited you all know you will get great things today….

Farmers market...from Pinterest.
Farmers market…from Pinterest.

Would you believe it if I told you there is a larger,wider market than the Krakow one …..and that you are on it and you should be paying attention to it…

The virtual market is right here,if you are a business and you are on social media you have access to the largest market in the world.

Imagine a market where buyers come and find no vendors,there is no order,there are no rules to follow ,it is a free for all,anything goes.

Such a market will surely flop because market places are governed by certain rules and  conditions.

For any business on social media that hoping to use social media as an additional sales channel then they need to pay attention to the times buyers are most curious,eager and willing to buy.

I have spent the last two years studying people behaviors online using my blogs and various social media accounts as case studies and what i have found is truly interesting

Those days are Wednesday,Thursday and Friday.

Why these particular days…?

On Mondays most people on social media will be very bogged down by work and Monday blues with  little or no time to be paying attention to sales and promotions on social media.

By Tuesday,work has eased down a bit but it is too early in the week to be buying or selling anything yet.

On Wednesdays work ahs eased and it is time to catch up with whats happening with friends while also plan for the week ahead.

Thursday the week is about to end,everyone is excited and shopping frenzy is at a high.

Friday…thank God for the weekend that sniffing around the corner,its time to buy buy buy.

Over the weekends sales are not so high as people are catching up with family and friends sand have little time to be logged on to social sites.

And yes there are peak periods on these three days,any time between 9 am and 3.30 pm is great.

The secret is out,change the days and times with which you seek to promote or sell your product or service and see sales soar.


Social Media image


What is social media and why is every business worth its name is on social media.

The Miriam Webster definition is the best i could find and if i may paraphrase it is defined as electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information,content,send personal messages and exchange

But are the business already on social media  playing by the rules or do they see social media as another sales channel for a healthy bottom line?

The best use of social media for business would be to use it to create a   clear channel of communication between the business and its clients or customer.

Using it in this way would ensure  businesses are not slaves of social media but are able  to reap the benefits social  media brings by creating mutually beneficial relationships for both the business and its customers.

On this post i point out three social media rules which if every business follows then they will definitely

1.DO  remember your  business or brand values when choosing  a social media channels .This is because you want one that is in line with your business or brand values.Different channels have different benefits and not all of them will meet your objectives.By choosing channels that will fulfill a brands values social media becomes a fun,exciting way through which business can use to reach out to their customers.

2.DO keep in mind where your target audience congregates.Where is your targeted audience for your business?are they on twitter, Facebook,Tumblr,Pinterest,YouTube..where are they/This will help you see clear results of any social media campaign you carry out.There should be a back and forth exchange between the business and its existing or potential clients/customers.Again if i may repeat choosing the RIGHT channels will help business see the results of their campaign because they will be focusing on the RIGHT social media tools .

3.DO remember to listen.Listen to your clients or customers,whether it is through the comments they leave on your page or blog,the content they find great,the ideas they give,their disappointments or their raving reviews .Listening to them will help your business in more ways than one.Do not clog your businesses social media sites with offers,sales promotions,campaigns,get to know what visitors to your site like,heck go even as far as asking them what they would like to see more of.

By keeping these three things in mind business will be sure to see the immediate results of any efforts they put into their social media accounts.As a parting shot ,while social media has revolutionized the way we do business let us remember professionalism is also as important in the virtual world.Keep all communication on social media civil and polite just like you would in real life.