WHERE IS KENYA-What a strange Question..?

Image from photographyblogger.net   When i keyed in the words Kenya on Google analytics i expected anything except what i got .The things people do not know about our  country are many and very simple. I found it buffling that people (meaning the rest of the world)do not know we are in Eastern Africa,that  we border theContinue reading “WHERE IS KENYA-What a strange Question..?”

KENYAN TALK SHOWS-A Little more oomph please

Piers Morgan took over from Larry King and he got a show of his own Piers Morgan Tonight after Larry’s show winded up after 26 years which is a fairly long run for a show.We don’t have nay show on the Kenyan scene that has had such longevity. Growing up i remember watching Press ConferenceContinue reading “KENYAN TALK SHOWS-A Little more oomph please”


The Kenya International film festival takes place between the 21st and 30th of October this year.Looking at the calender of events there are a lot of activities planned for anyone interested in film industry in Kenya.The opening film for the festival is the ‘First Grader” directed by Justin Chadwick and tells the story of theContinue reading “KENYAN FILM NDUSTRY”


Dear Kenyan Film Makers, This is an open letter to you from an avid TV watcher and couch movie critic.First of all to thank you for the wonderful work you have done so far making Kenya proud with all the awards you have worn internationally. Is it possible that you tell more Kenyan stories?the ragsContinue reading “OPEN LETTER TOKENYAN FILM MAKERS”