Fact:24-35 year olds make the largest percentage of any age group spending time online. Question:Are brands paying attention? Facebook has changed market dynamics. It has changed the way we relate to each other,it has brought people from all walks of life together .Created virtual communities around interests and brands in a way that for aContinue reading “MARKET INSIGHTS: WHY THE FACEBOOK GENERATION MATTERS”

KENYANS FOR KENYA:Why it needs to be long term.

No Kid Hungry is a  campaign that aims at ensuring no child in America goes without food,the national spokesperson and founder for End hunger network   is actor Jeff Bridges.On their website they ask people to donate at least a dollar that will go towards seeing a child receive up to 10 healthy meals.Already over 53,000 peole have signed upContinue reading “KENYANS FOR KENYA:Why it needs to be long term.”


Mobile Number Portability(MNP) has not been the runaway success it was touted to be.Al we have seen so far have been sideshows from major players in the mobile phone industry with the regulator (CCK) acting as an uninterested bystander.The verbal fights have been playing out between Safaricom,Airtel and Porting Access Kenya.. Orange Kenya and YuContinue reading “MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY SIDESHOWS”

SAFARICOM…Moving forward

Safaricom the mobile telephony company has been the biggest business story in the country for the past 10 years.It has broken all the records in terms of profit,subscriber numbers,media campaigns,IPO subscription you name it,Safaricom has been there done it. The coming years are going to be the defining moments for this mobile giant and BobContinue reading “SAFARICOM…Moving forward”