A lot of things have happened in the past week . We are almost at 10,000 infections,we lost the first medic to the virus a female Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr Doreen Adisa Lugaliki and children in primary and high schools will be resuming school in January 2021 having lost a whole academic year. This wasContinue reading “COVID-19 IN KENYA:NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM”


A long time ago when I was still an impressionable 20-year-old,I wanted to work for the United Nations . somewhere remote,wild where people were in dire straits was my preferred option. Aid organisations in Africa are a dime a dozen and their fleets of four-wheel drives are always zooming past you on a mission to save someContinue reading “AID WILL NEVER SAVE AFRICA”

WHEN GROWTH ISN’T A GOOD THING:Real Estate and Population Growth

Kenyans in our quest to be home owners  have thrown all caution to the wind and we are now selling our farms to fulfill  dreams of being multi billionaires.The real estate industry in Kenya has spawned off a list of noveau riche  Kenyans who are living large courtesy of the land deals they have been ableContinue reading “WHEN GROWTH ISN’T A GOOD THING:Real Estate and Population Growth”

HUNGER IN A LAND OF PLENTY:The Kenyan food crisis is man made

 For anyone who has been watching local and international news they are already too familiar with the  pictures of starving children and their skinny  malnourished mothers from Northern Kenya and parts of Somalia as a result of what has been called the worst drought and famine the horn of Africa has seen in 60 years.ItContinue reading “HUNGER IN A LAND OF PLENTY:The Kenyan food crisis is man made”