What can i say about Mandela,a man who like my maternal grandfother whom he shared a first name and  year of birth with.

He towers over my child hood memories no matter where i look.

My father had the chance to travel to Botswana and growing up our house has always been filled  with the sounds of South African musicians,he  had come back from down south with music cassettes.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Paul Simon sounds filled our house.

He thrilled us with stories of Mandela,and for years my grandfather and Mandela looked the same in my eyes.


When the apartheid regime was at its worst in the 90’s i watched street protests on our JVC TV,watched burials of prominent anti apartheid fighters and admired Winnie Mandela ‘s stoic appearance and i was enthralled by this man Mandela.

I was in primary school when Mandela was released from prison,i will never forget watching him and Winnie walk hand in hand with the amandla salute…what joy!!!!

So much  so did my curious mind love everything  South African ,i had to learn the national anthem Nkosi Sikelel’  iAfrika .

And when they released the musical Sarafina,well that was the icing on the cake,i knew all the dance moves.

How many times did i read Mandela’s Long walk to Freedom ..countless time and more recently Winnie Mandela’s  book A Life.

Yes, Mandela has been a part of my walk in life too.

We can learn a lot from this man who was never afraid of his faults but changed the way we view ourselves as African as well as the way the rest of the world views us.

His long walk to freedom was for all of us as a continent,it carried with it hopes,dreams and aspirations  not only for his generation but for generations to come.

The walk is not over…….let us keep walking it like he did,proudly,humbly,stoically,faithfully.

The South African struggle for equality among the races is a story of all of us.



Lord, when you come in Your glory, do not remember only the men of good, but remember too the men of evil.
And on the Day of Judgement, do not remember only the acts of cruelty, inhumanity and violence that they carried out,
but remember too the fruits that they produced in us because of what they did to us.
Remember the patience, courage, brotherly love, humility, generosity of spirit and faithfulness
that our executioners awoke in our souls.
And then, Lord, may those fruits be used to save the souls of those men of evil.


The above prayer from Paulo Coelho’s blog was found among the personal belongings of a jew who died in a concentration camp.

A beautiful prayer it is but  one i find very difficult to pray.

I hope you do not have a hard time as i did accepting and forgiving the evil men have done and  that we continue to do.


Blogging is a labour of love,putting thoughts into words and seeing them spring to life from my keyboard to the screen is so exhilarating.

Sometimes,most times I suffer from mental block and even cups of Kenya’s finest coffee do not have me bouncing off the walls with inspiration and feverish bending over my laptop;crazily typing away and breathing life into words.

But there are times I lie   in bed sleepless and cant wait to get up and see the blank white screen come to life with words.

As a blogger you can never tell,predict,imagine whether what you write will be understood or misconstrued but you blog anyway.

So far it has been amazing and I am loving every minute of it.

A peculiarity with my blog though is that i have seen more traffic from outside Kenyan than from within.
Maybe more people are curious about what is happening in our country than we are ..i do not know
But i write on

In another lifetime i will probably achieve my dream of teaching in a university about the beauty of words both spoken and written ,how much hope,fear,dreams and change they can bring if used well and how much destruction,hate,violence has been meted out on mankind using the same medium.

How I wish we were would be more careful with what we say,how we say it ,what we write and how  we write it…