The Nancy Baraza saga has received a lot of coverage.

It reminds me a lot of the children’s bedtime story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

Here is the story by Hans Christian Andersen

When the Honorable judge was appointed as Deputy Chief Justice the public put in her and the Chief Justice’s hands the scales of justice.


What the saga at the village market reveals is that sometimes the people we put in public positions let the heady air of “being special” get to the heads.

But it is not Nacy Baraza’s fault that she thought she was too special to get through the rigours of a search when Kenya is facing terror attacks.

It ois the fault of all Kenyans.

We are much  like the two courtiers the Emperor sent to inspect the cloth the swindlers were sewing and who came back and told him that the cloth was the most beautiful they had ever seen.

We treat our MP’s and other senior government officials like the ground they walk on is to be worshipped,forgetting that they are first and foremost public servants,enjoying the privileges they have courtesy of the Kenyan tax payer.

We fe’te them and sing their praises at weddings,funerals and political rallies and they begin to think that it is their right to be treated that way.

We lie to them that they clothes they are wearing are the most beautiful have the most amazing colors when the brash and abrasive manner they treat the mwananchi reveals their nakedness.

We lie to them that everyone needs to admire their new clothes when all they are baring to us is their naked love for power and their need to rule over others as a form of cover up for their insecurities.

Like the emperor who could not see the clothes the weavers were making for him,they feel slighted when mere security guards do not recognize their office.

They forget their “office” is nothing but a shadow.

Just like the emperor’s handlers,assistants were too afraid to tell the emperor that he was being lied to when the truth was before their eyes,these men and women of high office have let their minions mislead them especially when it comes to public opinion.

It took the voice of a child to say what everyone was afraid to say;”But the Emperor has no clothes!”

Hopefully that reminds us that we should not take off the clothes of humility,service ,truth and respect of the law for the non- existent garments made of pride,having a superiority complex and insecurity when we assume any” office”.



  1. I always wonder, if we ‘non-powerful’ people get ‘power’ someday, will we behave like this? Coz it can’t be that these people have behaved this way all their lives, and they probably used to condemn such acts when they themselves were ‘powerless’. And then when they get to power, they somehow get amnesia. So are we all like this, is it just that we’re not in powerful positions that we’re able to condemn them? Coz I’ve really been wondering what the problem could be.

  2. I think the heroine of the story is the guard. She did her job properly and then stood up for herself when the samaki kubwa acted badly. She asked for her rights as a citizen in a democracy and held powerful people to account.

    If more people followed her example, we would go far.

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