Lord, when you come in Your glory, do not remember only the men of good, but remember too the men of evil.
And on the Day of Judgement, do not remember only the acts of cruelty, inhumanity and violence that they carried out,
but remember too the fruits that they produced in us because of what they did to us.
Remember the patience, courage, brotherly love, humility, generosity of spirit and faithfulness
that our executioners awoke in our souls.
And then, Lord, may those fruits be used to save the souls of those men of evil.


The above prayer from Paulo Coelho’s blog was found among the personal belongings of a jew who died in a concentration camp.

A beautiful prayer it is but  one i find very difficult to pray.

I hope you do not have a hard time as i did accepting and forgiving the evil men have done and  that we continue to do.



Dinner with Mugabe by Heidi Holland could  be the story of any post independence African President and most of its political leaders.

A war hero whose dreams for his country went up in  smoke and here is why…

The best thing that can explain this, an excerpt from the book where the author interviews a former Cabinet Minister who has this to say about  Mugabe’s rise in the  independence movement….

….he comes home on holiday;a man bringing his future wife to meet his family and intending to return to Ghana as a teacher to teach.He wants to settle in Ghana,where he has a well paid job,which he hasn’t resigned from .And then the Rhodesian nationalist movement ,which is going through turbulence including leadership deficiency ,hears of him,this articulate man called Robert Mugabe.Word goes around that he trains teachers so he is more articulate than the teachers ,who are the most respected people in the country at that time.And of all exciting places,he lives and works in Ghana,where Nkrumah is leading the way to African Liberation.He has Fort Hare qualifications.His wife is impressive.So he is approached ,persuaded to join the liberation movement ,and he agrees to give it a try.

Nowhere in his record prior to becoming the leader of Zanu do you see Robert Mugabe driven by political passion or a vision of a better future for Zimbabweans.He has not left his well paid job in Ghana to join the nationalist movement at home.No,not at all.He has simply taken leave on a visit to Rhodesia(now Zimbabwe).Nowhere is there any logical progression ….

Mugabe just happened to be well read,at the right place at the perfect time and with the help of fate and overzealous,hopeful Zimbabweans he got the plum job he holds today.

Does it not read like a script picked from any of the countries on the continent?

Countires which today are going through periods of upheaval be they  political or economic?

Bright,well read minds carrying the hopes,dreams and aspirations of their people until something went  horribly wrong.

They got comfortable,they lost focus of why they waged war against their colonisers,they became drunk with power.

Right now.more than half a century after most of the African countries gained independence, all bar South Africa and Rwanda are being led by leaders who share a story similar to Mugabe’s.

They came to power riding on the high expectations and hopes their people had of them ,that they could change the way things were.

But sadly this hopes were dashed when these same leaders surrounded themselves with selfish cronies and advisers.

The elected leaders became beholden to the people who had put them in power.They turned a blind eye to the shenanigans of their friends and cronies,after all they owed the power they enjoyed to these same people.

These cronies and advisers turned into neo colonialist who wanted to amass wealth for themselves while neglecting the suffering and needs of their people.

As another writer Michela Wrong put it in her book…it was now their turn to eat.

But one thing the book does very well is show Mugabe the man who is not infallible,with his weaknesses,his shortcomings and not the enigmatic persona he is so frequently potrayed as.

Reading the book you almost feel sorry for the man ,growing up without a father  and with a mother who thought her son was nothing less than Gods chosen,Mugabe had to live up to unrealistic expectations.

Candidly the book tells the story of a man who is grossly misunderstood but whose life offers  useful insight into the many problems  most of the countries on the continent are struggling with  today.


Kenyans are not desperate enough for change and come next year August,December or whenever elections are going to be held ,I am not voting.

I am willing to forge go my civic duty because I do not think we have reached the point at which we desire real change.

Why do I say so…

If you look at what Kenyans are asking for in their leaders,it seems we have a very low threshold when it comes to leadership,political or otherwise.

All we ask is that the person leading us have a following from their constituency(read tribe),financial muscle and spew alot of rhetoric without action.

It has been said desperate times call for desperate measures and going by the way things are going ,we still havent become desperate enough to desire real change.

One of the very familiar faces from past general elections will be president of the country.

So come January 2014,we will wake up to the same problems we are seeing now because we will have the same leaders who lack vision and the drive to inspire the people they lead.

We are looking up to the same leaders who have een there in the past 3 elections telling us the same things they have been saying for the past 10- 12 years.That they want to lead us to the land of milk and honey but they are telling us how and why this is in our best interest.

They are not telling us how they intend to take us there in trucks,matatus or in mkokotenis.

They are not telling us  if these are free rides or if we are going to be contributing something small towards this venture to “greener pastures.”

They are not telling us how Kenyans will benefit from this relocation to the land of plenty when we leave the island of peace in a sea of turbulence  that is our country today.

Ad we are listening to them and taking them seriously…seroiusly?

Dr Steven Covey defines leadership this way “Leadership is communicating people’s worth and potential so clearly  they come to see it in themselves .”

He goes on to say that “leadership is not a position it is a choice”.

Now think about how many of the current crop of our leaders fit this criteria…very few.

All of them seem to be telling us by their speeches and actions that we are victims and they are our saviours.

Yet truth be told these leaders cannot save us from our problems be it rising food and fuel costs or insecurity,we are the only ones who can save ourselves.

Kenyans need to be be desperate enough   to want leaders who insire not incite ,leaders who talk of our aspirations rather than our desperation,who by their actions are the very embodiment of integrity rather than relying on the dicitonary’s definiton of integrity.

Leaders who are so have the shared visions and values that Kenya as a society and a country is crying out for.

Unitl we have such leaders and until we as citizens collectivley  become desperate for such leaders i will not be voting.

GREEN ENERGY :Way to go for the energy sector in Kenya

This past week South Africa came up with a Green Accord that is meant to create at least 300,000 jobs in the green energy sector.

The sectors targeted in this accord are agriculture,energy and transport.

It hopes to manufacture wind turbines and solar panels locally to meet the country’s energy needs.

Meanwhile back home in Kenya fuel prices have gone up again and everything else from the packet of milk to the tomatoes at the grocery will soon reflect this rise in price.

I was watching a short feature on one of the news channels that was focusing on solar energy use and was appalled to see a government employee decrying the high cost of solar energy.

In his opinion it was a venture too expensive for the government to undertake.

Yet if you think about it there would be so much to be saved in the long run.

Apparently it only takes about 130,000 Kenya shillings to install a solar system in a residential house.

If you think about the annual cost in expenditure on electricity bills annaully per household , we would see that using solar energy would be win- win for all involved in the long run?

The Kenyan government has been talking of commissioning a nuclear plant,which will cost billions in tax payers money.Yet   being in the tropics and enjoying so  much sunlight we would be better of making use of what we already have-the sun.

Countries which do not enjoy as much sunlight as we do are already making use of the free energy the sun provides by investing in it,so why cant we?

Will we always remain a anet importer of fuel to power diesel driven genrators,shackling the Kenyan tax payer with more national debts to pay and  to a life of misery .

What is the work of the expertts and bureaucrats in the energy ministry if they are not offering alternatives to the energy crisis that will only become worse as the Kenyan population grows?

Maybe it is up to home owners now to take charge of their energy use,next time you are putting up that sprawling mansion,put aside some money to install your own solar panels to power your  home use.

That way you will be saving yourself a lot of heart ache from the intermittent supply from the Kenyan Power and thousands of shillings in electricity costs in the long run.