Book cover from http://www.vvkchandra.com

Paulo Coelho,one of my all time favourite authors has a new book out,Aleph.

In an interview on his blog on this particular book,he was quoted as saying that the society we live in asks too many “how’s” and not enough “why’s”.

A revelation it was to me and here is why.

Walk into any bookshop or just look through the weekend magazines,either they are telling you how to become rich,how to make the most from the stock market,how to start a business,how,how ,how to….it never ends.

How many books have you seen asking the question,why do you need to start a business,or why do you need to become rich or why you need that palatial home?


If the Al Shabaab fighter asked themselves why they are fighting Kenyans and not how to throw grenades at us,they would understand Kenyans aren’t the problem.

If politicians asked themselves why they need to go into politics,probably we would have more development progress the world over than we see now.

If Christians,Muslims and anyone of faith asked themselves why they believe and not how to become better at their faith,we would see less religious friction between groups.

If we asked ourselves why we  hang onto dead-end careers instead of how to get ahead in our chosen fields,probably we would see less stress related illnesses.

“Why” is a three-letter word,probably the most important three-letter word we will have to remember for the rest of our lives.

Let it be the first thing we take with our morning coffee and the last word on our minds when we get into bed.



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