Cowards have never won wars and Kenyans we will not win war by cowering in our houses,afraid of going shopping,taking our children to school or going to work.

What we should be doing is standing tall and proud ,confident of our men and women in uniform who have gone into Somalia in search of the enemy in “Operation Linda Nchi.”

Watching the news yesterday at 9pm, after the second blast in less than 24 hours ,the fear and the antelope- caught -in -the- headlights of a tour van look  was clearly visible in the eyes of our news anchors.

That is not what we need.

We need to be confident  that we are doing the right thing not only for ourselves but  for our children.

Just think of what Kenya will be like if we let the Al shabaab overrun us with fear and intimidating attacks ?Kenya will cease to exist,all 542,650 square kilometres of it.

Like all terror groups the Al shabaab are thriving on instilling fear in all of us,fear of walking out of our doors of going on with our lives as usual,and who wants that ?

Am sure if the freedom fighters had though for a minute that their home-made guns could not stand up against the British,we would still be a  colony still.

Why should a band of rag-tag militia scare us?

We need to fight for the pride that we had at independence  when so many of our fathers, mothers,brothers and sisters who are not here with us saw the Kenyan flag being hoisted up for the first time.

We need to fight and reclaim the sense of nationalism we had at independence when we were all united together in forging a common future.

We need to fight off the fear that the Al Shabaab are better armed  than our armed forces,ofcourse they are not.

Our men and women in uniform are among the best trained and disciplined forces  in Africa.They can and will win this war.

Media houses need to do away with the me- first mentality when it comes to news reporting.They are quick to tell us when and where the blast was, but how many have bothered to give a face to the men and women in uniform. fighting away so many kilometres away from home?

Or their families who are worried about the safety of their loved ones,praying that they come back home safe and sound when this is all over.

Let news editors not be afraid of raising the national psyche when it comes to this war with great stories of how well our armed forces are doing.

As for politicians lay off the bickering……

We need to see senior government officials rallying Kenyans around the cause of Operation Linda Nchi.

We need to see government officials  visiting  our troops and telling them we are so proud of them,it will do wonders for their pscyhe.

Let religious leaders pray that our men and women in uniform come back home safe and sound

Let them urge their congregations to speak up when things are going wrong in their neighbourhoods.

Granted they may all be marching to heaven but last time i checked our feet whether we are religious or not are still firmy planted on the earth.

Let us make it a better place to live in as we await our heavenly abodes.

I am so proud of the father,mothers,sons and daughters of   Kenya who were not afraid when national duty clalled…they answered.

Dear Kenyans do not be afraid ,we shall win the war against terror and we are already winning.

We shall not be afraid

We have forgotten our tribal tags and for once we are united against one cause and that is protecting our land.

Let us not be afraid of naming suspicious looking people in our estates,at bus stops and other social places

Let us not be afraid to report on suspicious activities that we see taking place in our estates,at  our  work places or even places of worship

Let us not be afraid of asking our politicians to quit the navel gazing and focus on important national security issues.

Let us not be afraid of wearing our national colors when duty calls.  

Once we let fear get to us,they will have won,don’t let them win.

Published by Santina

Founder of African Lifestyle Brand -Maridadi,I have interests in Technology, Society &Culture,Lifestyle and I am working on taking African brands to the global stage,looking to working with individuals and companies that know acknowledge Africa's potential and the amazing individuals that call it home!


  1. I support you comnpletely…We,Kenyans, have never been known to cower or hide from anything.We will stand up and crush the so called al-shaabab..We have the military capabilty,air superiority and the biggest thing we have is unity.We all rally behind one voice:CRUSH THE AL-SHAAABAB!!!!My fellow Kenyan if in any situation if we are called upon to defend our country,kets rise to the occasion!!If God is for us who can be against us!!!!
    Sgt. Ntayia-KAF…

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