A lot of things have happened since  I did my last post on why Kenyans are on a suicide mission.

Over a hundred people now have died as a result of the Sinai fire when some of them succumbed to their injuries while admitted at the Kenyatta Hospital.

It almost seems as if the whole country is on a suicide watch,waiting for the next disaster.We have become a nation of professional mourners and whiners.

But we have done very little n terms of preventing these disasters.

Yesterday evening along the Busia -Bumula highway,4 people were burned beyond recognition while 37 others are admitted at the Busia Hospital in critical condition.An oil tanker overturned and while the driver was trying to disconnect the battery ,people came over to siphon fuel (do we ever learn) and kaboom fire!

The Sinai fire victims aren’t even buried yet and we have another tragedy.

The government has decided to provide a coffin and kshs 60,000 to the families of the deceased from the Sinai tragedy to assist in burial preparations.We need to ask for how long the government is going to assist in burying Its citizens and building monuments and issuing warnings.

Aren’t we all tired of seeing our fellow citizens charred remains and having to condole with families who have lost their loved ones over what can be termed as man-made disasters?

It is time government became more proactive in  deterring such behaviours as siphoning of fuel,and also came up with ways by which we can curb such behaviours as  siphoning of  fuel from  overturned tankers.

Anyone who is caught siphoning fuel should be handcuffed and marched to the nearest police station.Spending a few months as a guest of the state and eating half-cooked meals should hopefully serve as  a deterrent .

We need to hand out such stiff  sentences and penalties for  errant behaviours that endanger the lives of Kenyans such that when a tanker overturns people run for the hills.

Imbibers of illegal brews should also be charged with endangering their lives and robbing the nation of its citzens.When you willingly walk into a dingy bar selling alcoholic beverages with questionable names you are putting your life at risk.

The state  needs to do much  more in stopping these suicide attempts.

As a nation we have shed too many tears,said too many prayers and spent too much money over stupid accidents and incidents.It is time we put  a stop to this.

Published by Santina

Founder of African Lifestyle Brand -Maridadi,I have interests in Technology, Society &Culture,Lifestyle and I am working on taking African brands to the global stage,looking to working with individuals and companies that know acknowledge Africa's potential and the amazing individuals that call it home!


  1. Now, many of us really condemn those people who rush to siphon fuel wondering just how dumb they can be. And we shake our heads in pity and label them ‘idiots’ then go back to our lifestyles. But then, between them and we who enter vehicles (whether public or private) and don’t fasten our safety belts, saying they are dirty, aren’t we just as stupid? Are we any less idiotic than they are? Sembuse sisi pia.

    1. We are all the same mummy tales.
      Like the proverbial ostrich we have buried our heads in the sand,the growing disparites pn the socio-economic front are growing wider by the day.
      With such disparities dsasters like the ones we are seeing where almost half of our population lives in squalor while the other half is in a rush to own plush homes in gated communites such disasters will be common.

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