Suicide is defined as when one knowingly and consciously seeks to end their life.It is something society frowns upon and some religious institutions do not perform the last rites over people who have thus decided to end their lives.

In Kenya unsuccessful attempts of suicide in Kenya will have you enjoying the plush hospitality of the state prisons.

Following the events of the past few days since Monday of this week i have been wondering whether people are not consciously seeking to end their miserable lives.(At least for those Kenyans of a certain economic class).

This is how the week has been:

12th September (Monday):Over 87 people dead when a pipeline that pumps super petrol from Mombasa to Nairobi and onwards to other parts of the country leaks.The fuel finds  its way into an informal settlement’s drainage and sewage system.Next thing you know part of the congested slum is up in flames,people lose their lives,property and over 90 of them will be nursing their wounds in hospital for months!

13th September(Tuesday):16 people dead after drinking questionable brands of alcohol in Nyahururu.Others are admitted in hospital after going blind from methane poisoning,that is as a result of unregulated alcohol content contained in some of these brews.

14th September(Wednesday):8 more people die,this time in Ruiru from some other brand of illicit alcohol,many others hospitalized after going blind.

In the month of August and early weeks of September,we have read and seen the horrendous images and reports of road carnage on our roads involving public service vehicles.

Most of them have been attributed to drunk driving and speeding and not the state of our roads.

Am sure by now you are getting my drift……we are on a suicide mission.

In the first two instances the Sinai residents were living on a time bomb,that was waiting to go off at any time.The area where the slum sits, atop an underground fuel pipe was a disaster waiting to happen.The residents have been asked to move from the area ,but they refused after their local politicians backed them and they stayed put.

They forget they are just trading stock come election time.

In the two instances of illicit brews,this is not the first time nor will it be the last that we hear of Kenyans  dying from alcohol poisoning.We have had the media reports on these cases for as long as i can remember,but people would rather get high and join the stairway to heaven thanks to drinks that have been laced with industrial alcohol.

The people who manufacture these drinks have put profit before human life.Law enforcers are either too overwhelmed with other crime busting activities,they do not care or are too lazy to act.

On the issue of road carnage,a demon has possessed Kenyan drivers and refused to let go.

Safety be damned ,we have put profit before the safety of passengers.We want to reach our destinations like yesterday.That is why if you are driving on the Nairobi Nakuru highway be warned it is a pseudo race track for formula 1 wanna be’s.

It is also why Kenyans allow themselves to be packed like sardines(my apologies to the sardines for the comparison) in a tin can in matatus(14 seater Nissan vans).

We have forgotten the Michuki rules(so named after the Minister who brought sanity to Kenyan roads) that sought to govern road safety especially among public service vehicles by enforcing use of speed governors that ensured speeds never went beyond 80 kp/h ,all vehicles got fitted with safety belts and that they had a set limit of passengers.

But just when we were getting to enjoy sanity on our roads,the honorable John Michuki was transferred to another ministry and all hell on our roads broke loose…again.Things went back to normal.

And normal meant “breaking all known and unknown traffic rules and regulations.”

As we speak more than 2000 Kenyans have lost their lives not from disease but on our roads.Many more have been maimed for life….

Who is going to save us from self destruction?

Published by Santina

Founder of African Lifestyle Brand -Maridadi,I have interests in Technology, Society &Culture,Lifestyle and I am working on taking African brands to the global stage,looking to working with individuals and companies that know acknowledge Africa's potential and the amazing individuals that call it home!


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