WOOING THE KENYAN VOTER-Why turning thirty has something to do with it.

Turning thirty has to be the best age for any woman to be in,she knows what she wants, has found her place in the world,is not easily impressed by appearances and she is not afraid of going for what she wants.Kenya at the moment is like this woman who has turned thirty,she knows that a man needs to provide more than security and financial clout,he need to have more than looks going for him .This woman needs to have  a friend and partner with whom she can walk life with.

This is the best time for any man to show his mettle and sweep such a woman off her feet.This woman is Kenya and it is time to woo her,we have had three presidents so far and being the wise thirty something we are we have had our hearst broken and it is time to end the heart break and grab the happiness we deserve and the partner who has shown his worth.

For as long as i can remember ,as  country we have had politicians swaying our votes on the basis of tribe,appearances or financial clout.We are yet to hear of a Kenyan president who has come from no where in this case meaning he has no past political affiliations or loyalties and risen to be President .
I think it is time we as voters became like that discerning woman in her thirties.Most of us have only ever seen two Presidents rule this country in our life time and we make up the largest bloc of voters.We have come to learn and we know what works and does not work,who is lying and who is telling the truth and the ones who are there just playing for the gallery.We need to weed out the suitors who are wasting our precious time and leave only those who have some character and backbone to them.Someone with the mettle ,who will not be swayed by threats and bullying and with a clear conscience as to why they need our vote.

Long gone are the times when  a few shillings for unga(maize flour) or cheap liquor could buy you votes.A woman at thirty is not swayed by a man who is a stallion in bed(i hope so) or one who buys you copious amounts of drinks.We need to be that discerning because we can only have visions for so long.Every woman i know dreams of this ideal man,tall,dark,handsome ,financially stable who will come and sweep her off her feet,but at thirty you realize no one is perfect and a few slight blemishes here and there do not not distract from the character of a man which is the most important thing-what he stands for and believes in.

It is time Kenyan voters  ,the suitors have come calling and it is up to you to be wise and not be used as one night stands where we are promised heaven during the campaign period but are very surprised when our elected leaders throw us out of their “houses” and go mteja(switch off their phones) once they are in the August house.We are wiser now ,we know the chameleons and water melons who change colors as it suits them…be wise dear Kenyan voter  you deserve better .

Published by Santina

Founder of African Lifestyle Brand -Maridadi,I have interests in Technology, Society &Culture,Lifestyle and I am working on taking African brands to the global stage,looking to working with individuals and companies that know acknowledge Africa's potential and the amazing individuals that call it home!

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