Every year  the great migration in the Maasai Mara leads almost two million animals to cross the swelling Mara river in search of food and water.The majority of these are gnus but we also have zebras,impalas,gazelles,elephants and giraffes.You can read more about this seventh wonder of the world here,here and here.

Scientists and environmentalists have reported on a  weed threatening the the Mara ecosystem,the plant known has already gained notoriety in Australia,India and Ethiopia as it inhibits growth of other plants.With an ecosystem already facing human encroachment,pollution and disease action needs to be taken fast to weed it out before what is arguable Kenya’s biggest wildlife sanctuary becomes obsolete.The full report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature can be read here.

The UK guardian carried an article on the weed as early as March of this year and by then they were already efforts by the Kenya Wildlife Service which is the government body charged with the management of game reserves and national parks and CABI(Center for Agricultural Bioscience International) to control the weed.The news only hit local media channels this year when KTN carried a report on the weed in its prime time news this past week.

Seeing that devolved government stars functioning after we hold our election on the 14th of August next year,Narok county needs to look for ways in which the local community and all stake holders not just donors can weed the plant out.Whether it is by involving the local communities in physically pulling it out as suggested by some scientists let everything be done to ensure that the weed does not encroach on animals grazing ground.It is said to spread very fast and it is my hope the government is aware of this and doing all it can by providing support to the people of Narok to care for this park that plays  host to  the seventh wonder of the world every June.

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