SPRINGER MORALITY-Leave Judgement to God.

“I am not any bit better than any of the people who have appeared on my show”-Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer is famous for many things and especially more so for his show that brings all sorts of people to square it out verbally and physically over infidelity and a whole lot of other issues Americans are famous for.

He had a half hour interview on the Piers Morgan show today and among the things he said i found his views on the recent scandals rocking American politics really indicative of the attitude we ought to adopt in regards to the ongoing debate over the CJ and Deputy CJ position.This was in relation to a scandal involving a Democrat and a lewd photo he supposedly sent over twitter that you can read about here.

In his opinion people are all hypocrites and we pretend to have a holier than thou attitude when it comes to other people.As human beings we suffer from failings , we are not perfect and after all we aren’t God.

Jerry Springer actually said that if Americans wanted someone who had never sinned to take office,then we may as well wait for Jesus who is the only man according to Christian religion who had no stain on his character.The people raising red flags over his earring,his questionable religious beliefs,his martial status,everything that is being thrown into the face of this man cannot claim to be saints.At one point or another in our lives we have all been fallen angels who have picked ourselves up and trudged on with our lives.

It baffles me that the church which claims to be following in Jesus footsteps is castigating a man so publicly.This man is someones father,son,brother and he was someone’s husband at some point.Dragging his name in the mud the way a certain section of the Kenyan political class and the church has done is saddening.In my mind the church and in fact all places of worship are the places where all kinds of social,cultural and ethnic barriers should be non existent,it is a place of refuge after all.

If we take a look at the people who followed Jesus in his ministry,there were all manner of rag tag individuals,from tax payers who were among the most detested of people at the time,to people of questionable character.Unless the Bible left out some parts of the story Jesus never ever turned anyone away.Even after Jesus was betrayed by the man who held the purse strings of his ministry,we never hear him ever speaking against the man.

Two thousand years after this the church is behaving in the same way the Pharisees did at Jesus time.They have saddled Christians with so many rules and interpretations of the gospel their congregations heads have been left in a spin.The simple message of loving God with all your heart,mind and soul and loving your neighbor as yourself has all but been forgotten.

When the Judicial Service Commission interviewed all applicants for the post of Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice,i am sure they were not looking for the Messiah but for someone with the guts and balls(pun intended) to drive the much needed overhaul of the Kenyan Judiciary.The fact that the appointees to these posts adorn jewelery or are studying the rights of homosexuals,gays and lesbians is besides the point.Aren’t these LGBT humans too?

I am not any bit better than they are,and i do not claim to hold any moral authority to pass judgment or castigate anyone for their stand on the issue but let us remember we aren’t God.Let us leave judgment to him alone.


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