The World Health Organization(WHO) announced they had categorized cell phone radiation as a “possible carcinogenic hazard.”Other agents categorized in this way include lead,engine exhaust, and chloroform.An article on this warning can be read here

Apparently cell phone manufacturers also place warnings in the little pamphlets that we buy our hones with and we never read.The warning states that a phone should be used at least at a distance of an inch away from the body,in this case your ear.It means that using the ear pieces that come with most of our phones,using hands free or speaker phone or texting would greatly reduce your exposure to possible radiation.

Of more interest though are the possible risks children and young adults are being exposed to as they are getting to use these nifty gadgets at a very early age.Three years ago an article in the online edition of the UK publication The Independent,a study done in Sweden claimed that children and young teens using mobile phones increased their risk of brain cancer five fold.The risk is because these children are still growing and developing therefore their skulls are thinner ,heads smaller therefore radiation penetrates deeper.You can read the full article here

What this means for any parent is that buying that phone for your seven year old or teenage son as a birthday present may not be such a good idea after all.Though mobile phone use is still in its infancy and research into effects of mobile phone radiation has not been extensive,it would be advisable to be cautious.


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