It has taken me almost a week to get over Samuel Wanjiru’s tragic death,since Monday morning when i heard about it i couldn’t stop asking myself why the young man died in such a manner.I have scoured the internet reading the articles and forums discussing the circumstances surrounding his sad demise and still there aren’tContinue reading “IN MEMORY OF SAMUEL WANJIRU”

CHRISTINE LAGARDE-First Woman to head the IMF?

Christine Lagarde the French Minister for Economic affairs,and the only woman to ever hold the position is among the leading candidates touted to head the International Monetary Fund.This follows the resignation of Dominique Strauss-Kahn who is facing alleged sexual assault charges. The Monetary body is 60 years old(read history here) with a membership of 187Continue reading “CHRISTINE LAGARDE-First Woman to head the IMF?”

BRAND KENYA:Going Beyond Tourism

National branding or building the global perception of countries is quickly gaining popularity and one of the pioneers in this field of branding is Simon Anholt a British government advisor who specializes in this field. This trend led to GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media and Simon Anholt coming up with an index that measuresContinue reading “BRAND KENYA:Going Beyond Tourism”

KENYAN CHIEF JUSTICE:His fashion sense is more important than your brains

“There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as “moral indignation,” which permits envy or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue”-Erich Fromm Update:The Prime Minister and President just apporved the nominations,let us see what Parliament does now. Out of all the candidates who were interviewed for the CJContinue reading “KENYAN CHIEF JUSTICE:His fashion sense is more important than your brains”


Mobile Number Portability(MNP) has not been the runaway success it was touted to be.Al we have seen so far have been sideshows from major players in the mobile phone industry with the regulator (CCK) acting as an uninterested bystander.The verbal fights have been playing out between Safaricom,Airtel and Porting Access Kenya.. Orange Kenya and YuContinue reading “MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY SIDESHOWS”

Sex education will save our randy teenagers from self destructing.

Jenny(not her real name)comes from a family of seven,her parents separated and she lives with her mother and five other siblings in a two roomed house in Western Kenya.She will be sitting her form four examinations starting this October,i met her mother in February of this year struggling to get 500 Kenya shillings to clearContinue reading “Sex education will save our randy teenagers from self destructing.”

WOMEN AND SUCCESSION:Kenyans still battling with gender parity.

A local channel today aired a law discussion on w omen’s rights to succession with lawyer Judy Thongori.Listening to most of the callers who were male,most of them had a problem with women (who i would assume are their siblings) getting part of their father’s estates.It was shocking to me that in 21st century KenyaContinue reading “WOMEN AND SUCCESSION:Kenyans still battling with gender parity.”

Kenyan Job Interviews:The Search for Chief Justice is not a trial of Character

Going for a job interview is nerve wracking but in Kenya it also has the added feel like you are a war criminal at Nuremberg.Often times this works to the detriment of both the job seeker and potential employer because sometimes the questions thrown make you feel like you are doing mental gymnastics.You have toContinue reading “Kenyan Job Interviews:The Search for Chief Justice is not a trial of Character”


Rasna Warah had a very interesting piece on what she thinks has been the apparent death of the w omen’s movement in Kenya in yesterdays Daily Nation.After reading her article i have decided to do a rejoinder on what i think has ailed the movement on Kenya. Sometime last week Citizen TV had some twoContinue reading “KENYAN WOMEN’S MOVEMENT DIDN’T DIE,THEY HAVE JOINED THE MEN.”