Every Mother Counts is a US based organization, an advocacy and mobilization campaign to increase education and support for maternal and child health..The organization was started by a former supermodel who after her own experience of giving birth with complications decided to bring greater awareness to the issue by directing and co-producing No Woman, NoContinue reading “EVERY KENYAN MOTHER COUNTS”


Coffee Prices World coffee prices are at an all time high not seen since 1977.According to the International coffee Organization an increasing demand for the beans against a drop in supply.The online publication indieprobub.com it quoted the ICO’S chief economist Denis Deudieu who said that the rise is in response to market basics: low supplyContinue reading “SNIPPETS OF THE WEEK”

The Kenyan Story :Let us Start from the begining

“Stories have to be told or they die,and when they die ,we cant remember who we are or why we are here”-From the Secret Life of Bees By S.M Kidd In 2003 the ban on the Mau Mau movement was lifted by the then Minister for internal Security Mr Chris Murungaru.This paved the way forContinue reading “The Kenyan Story :Let us Start from the begining”


Every Kenyan above the age of eighteen will carry many forms of identification in their lifetime in the form of their National Identity card,driving license maybe even a passport.Then once they are in gainful employment they will carry a NHIF(National Hospital Insurance Fund) card,NSSF(National Social Security Fund) card and maybe an additional medical insurance card.NotContinue reading “DIGITIZING THE KENYA ID PROCESS”

SOCIAL MEDIA :Engaging the Kenyan users.

Recently there was an article in the business daily that asked whether the use of social media has been overrated.An example was given of the Pepsi Cola campaign which through attracting a lot of followers never really translated to a healthier bottom line for the company and now Pepsi Cola has decided to revert toContinue reading “SOCIAL MEDIA :Engaging the Kenyan users.”


“Prejudices are what fools use for reason”-Voltaire God help America if the Republicans win the next elections.The coming elections have seen an interesting mix of characters declaring their interest in being the COO of America and among them are Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.Voltaire may as well have been referring to some of them whenContinue reading “GOD SAVE(SOME) AMERICANS FROM THEIR PREJUDICES”

ROAD SAFETY IN KENYA-Emphasizing the need for tougher actions

If you visit most major towns in Kenya you will definitely find that there are a lot of bicycles commonly referred to as boda bodas and motorbikes which have provided an alternative means of transport especially for those in the low income bracket of society. They provide a fast and cheap means of traveling fastContinue reading “ROAD SAFETY IN KENYA-Emphasizing the need for tougher actions”


There was a lot of brouhaha that followed after the energy regulatory body (ERC)in Kenya announced that fuel prices would rise.This however was quickly followed by a reduction on tax on kerosene and diesel of 30% and 20% respectively. Kerosene is the major cooking fuel in a majority of Kenyan households especially in the lowContinue reading “ECONOMIC CRISIS:IDEAS FOR THE TAXMAN”

PROPHYLACTICS vs HUNGER:Where do our priorities lie?

“Hunger: One of the few cravings that cannot be appeased with another solution.”Irwin Van Grove If media reports are to be believed the Kenyan government has given full support to the proposed condom factory set to start operations before the end of the year.The issue is so urgent we have had to ask for donorContinue reading “PROPHYLACTICS vs HUNGER:Where do our priorities lie?”

Real Estate threatening Agricultural land.

Vision 2030 is the grandiose dream crafted by technocrats detailing how Kenya is meant to develop into a middle income economy providing high quality life to its citizens.So far we have not achieved much of what the plan envisages and we have just 19 years left. Anyone who has been following the real estate boonContinue reading “Real Estate threatening Agricultural land.”