SAFARICOM…Moving forward

Safaricom the mobile telephony company has been the biggest business story in the country for the past 10 years.It has broken all the records in terms of profit,subscriber numbers,media campaigns,IPO subscription you name it,Safaricom has been there done it.

The coming years are going to be the defining moments for this mobile giant and Bob Collymore has his work cut out for him.This must have influenced his decision to restructure the top management to be in line with what he sees are the future challenges the company faces.The new management reflects the company’s focal point as revenue generation and customer retention.

As number portability launches on the 1st of April this year,the company will have to do more to ensure it does not loose any of the 18 million customers it already has.This means that Safaricom needs to redefine its mission to ensure that it keeps its promises to its customers at being the best communication service provider in the country.It needs o be the benchmark by which its rivals measure their success.The top management at Safaricom can no longer afford to be seen to be sitting back enjoying pinacoladas as they enjoy the success the company has seen for the past 10 years,they need to be 10 steps ahead of the competition and in step with global communication trends world wide.No longer will customers be satisfied with the “Niko na Safaricom” slogan ,they need to be more than satisfied with the services and products that they pay the company for.

Mpesa mobile money transfer service won a lot of accolades the world over for its innovativenness and for making banking availabe to anyone with a phone.The same cutting edge innovativeness needs to be seen in all the products and services Safaricom puts forward from now on.We no longer want to see those automated messages of”mpesa is experiencing delays,please try again later”,we need to see things working on time and when we need them.Bob Collymore is going to have to push his team to deliver on the promises and expectaions Kenyans have for this local company that has scaled heights no other corporate in Kenyan history has done before.

Over to you Bob and your team,are you going to deliver?


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