Kenyan Revolution……..Never ever!

Kenyans are always divided on many fronts from tribe,religion,political parties to class.We can never agree on anything and this is evident even on the political front.

Egypt,Tunisia and all the Arab countries have one thing that unites them and that is religion.Most of the citizens in these Arab countries are Muslim and Christians if any are only a minority.

Watching the goings on in Libya and Egypt it was humbling to hear demonstrators being urged to gather after Friday prayers for a show of solidarity.Seeing multitudes of people from all backgrounds say their prayers at Tahrir square was quite moving and i believe this is what has made the demonstrations in the countries that ave toppled their leaders so successful.

Kenyans could not even agree on the 28th of February to all sing the national anthem because everyone had an opinion on why it should or should not be done.Even when were voting on the new constitution we had religious leaders divided about it.It seems that in Kenya today if you are a member of a political party or even religious or civil body once you have dissenting views with the top leadership,you just go out and form your own party or church.We have not learned how to accommodate differing views within our own groupings.I guess it is at these time that we can aptly say hell will freeze over before we as Kenyans can agree on anything.

For a country whose population is almost 40 million we have such a plethora of parties it is dizzying to keep track of any of them especially when general elections are beckoning.

The day Kenyans decide that they share a common future no matter their color,tribe ,religious affiliation or lack of it is the day this country will move forward.


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