2012-The year when Kenya redefines itself.

Twenty twelve will be a defining moment in Kenya’s history,it will be the first we will be electing new representatives under the current constitution. Alot of water ha passed under the bridge and is will be time for us to define the kind of future we want for our country and this will be reflected in the leadership we vote for.

Looking at the way things are politically today there is not much hope that things will change.All we hear in the news are in fighting among members of certain political parties and other shenanigans that should put this honorable members to shame if they really had a shred of decency.

Watching CNN this week there was a report that sucides in Japan were on the rise because of the increasing unemployment rates in the country.This all happenning in a country that is o technologially advanced Nairobi is like a bck water town in comparison.I dont think any Kenyan sare killing them selves over their joblessness but we have to say we have developed a thick skin because it is not uncommon to see university graduates selling boiled eggs at bus stations today.

Back to the sorry state of Kenyan politics,at the moment all politicians are concerned about is fixing their opponents and no one is telling us about the sorry state of food in the country today.With fod prices rising all over the globe it is certain that this year will be one of the most challenging in terms of household sin Kenya meeting their food needs.This is at a time when fuel prices are on an upward trend and there is looming drought and we are already seeing the first signs of it in Samburu,Turkana and other areas.

As all these happens none of the candidates who have declared their interest in the top seat have even come up with a road map of how they plan to tackle the challenges facing the country today.All we hear is bickering from every front,i am sure i am not the only Kenyan who mutes their TV or simply switches it off whenever i have to see another politician grandstanding.

I am hoping that in the 16 months we have before the next election Kenyans take a long and hard look at them selves and then turn to their children and ask themselves what the future will be like ten years from now.Do we want our children who are barely out of their diapers to be faced with a growing national debt,pay for services from government bodies that hardly deliver or face years of joblessness even after going through a warped education system.Twenty twelve will be the year we make our voices heard about the Kenya we want to live in,let us not disappoint ourselves or future generations.


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