SAFARICOM…Moving forward

Safaricom the mobile telephony company has been the biggest business story in the country for the past 10 years.It has broken all the records in terms of profit,subscriber numbers,media campaigns,IPO subscription you name it,Safaricom has been there done it. The coming years are going to be the defining moments for this mobile giant and BobContinue reading “SAFARICOM…Moving forward”

Redefining the Role of the Kenyan First Lady.

First ladies the world over are famous for many things and at the moment among the most recognizable faces is Michelle Obama the wife to the President of the United States.An Ivy League educated lawyer Michelle has carved a niche for herself in the public eye and among the things she is famous for areContinue reading “Redefining the Role of the Kenyan First Lady.”

2012-The year when Kenya redefines itself.

Twenty twelve will be a defining moment in Kenya’s history,it will be the first we will be electing new representatives under the current constitution. Alot of water ha passed under the bridge and is will be time for us to define the kind of future we want for our country and this will be reflectedContinue reading “2012-The year when Kenya redefines itself.”

Kenyan Revolution……..Never ever!

Kenyans are always divided on many fronts from tribe,religion,political parties to class.We can never agree on anything and this is evident even on the political front. Egypt,Tunisia and all the Arab countries have one thing that unites them and that is religion.Most of the citizens in these Arab countries are Muslim and Christians if anyContinue reading “Kenyan Revolution……..Never ever!”