Why i have been having nightmares.

Two stories have been causing me nightmares repeatedly over the past two weeks,maybe its because i am a mother and have a daughter who is pretty young.The stories have been of two young girls,one of them was murdered in Kariobangi South during a burglary and the other a young girl life snatched out of her in Thogoto while out on an errand.Where is Dr Frank Njenga to help us understand the sick minds of any man or woman who has sunk so low that human life especially that of a child means nothing to them.

On American TV there are strange shows like Women who kill,or they will even profile the life of a serial killer and as you watch them you may think the world is going to hell in a basket.I am never able to get through this shows so i always end up changing channels without ever finding out what drives these men and women but i never forget the empty ,dead look in their eyes when they recall their crimes.

Taking another human being life has to be the ultimate sin according to me and especially if it is that of an innocent,defenseless child.As i thought about the two young girls who lost their lives i couldn’t help but cry for their mothers,fathers and siblings who wouldn’t be able to understand the cruel hand that fate dealt them.It is hard to even imagine what was going on in the minds of these children,scared as they were when they realized that these person(s)standing in front of them were up to.They must have thought of their mothers,as most children do when confronted with danger,maybe they cried out for help hoping and praying someone would hear them.Maybe even hoping the perpetrators of the crime would find it in their hearts to let them be.But our girls were not lucky……

It is my hope and prayer that when they are caught and brought to trial the evil hands behind these murders face the stiffest and harshest sentences that can be handed out by our courts.


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