KENYAN TALK SHOWS-A Little more oomph please

Piers Morgan took over from Larry King and he got a show of his own Piers Morgan Tonight after Larry’s show winded up after 26 years which is a fairly long run for a show.We don’t have nay show on the Kenyan scene that has had such longevity.

Growing up i remember watching Press Conference that used to air on KBC which was then the only TV station and sometimes there were interesting guests other times i dozed off.Many TV talk shows later i have learned that the secret to a great show is a great host,someone who is able to engage their guests in a conversation and not a shouting match,show down or condescending attitude.

It seems to me Kenyan hosts always want to prove a point.It is okay for every host to have an agenda but it shouldn’t be so obvious to your audience that you are trying to prove a point.It is interesting to watch hosts who know how to bring out the best in their guest,this is because they have done their homework,know who this people are,what they think so much so that for the guest on your show it feels like you are having a conversation with a friend.Some people do this work of bringing out the best in others so well that watching Piers interview Howard Stern the infamous radio show host i actually loved him!

Captivating shows would be a great boon in a country where we have so many soap operas and Nigerian movies its hard to see a program where people are discussing real issues in a lively engaging manner.Julie Gichuru does this to some degree in her show but we do a need a place where real issues meet real people and great hosts.


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