When the mobile price wars started and everyone was celebrating the lowered rates i said we would pay for it in a few months when KRA fell short of its tax collection.At the time people said i was spoiling the party.Months later the chickens have come home to roost and KRA has already fallen short of its target for this quarter by 5 billion.
Airtel on the other hand goes ahead and lowers its call rates to 1 kshs per minute,you have got to wonder what they are using to pay their employees .

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore has come out and said price wars will not be sustainable and this coming from a man who heads a company that is essentially Kenyan made and owned we need to worry.While everyone would love today almost next to nothing for calls we need to remember we have husbands,brothers,mothers and fathers who run this hugely successful(so far) corporate and come October it share holder will be expecting to get some dividends for investing heir hard earned cash on this Kenyan company.Its i my hope that the CCK i taking some time out to reflect on the ongoing shenanigans in the mobile phone market and their sustainability in the final end because come June when Mr Uhuru reads the budget which is expected to hit the 1 trillion mark they will not want to play to the public gallery again by endorsing rules that hurt successful enterprises.

For the country to be bale to pay its bloated cabinet,run its fuel guzzlers,pay the endless commissions and our not so honorable members of parliament we may need to pay more for certain essential items.As sure as the sun will rise from the east tomorrow i would bet my left arm that we are going to see tax increases in June.And seeing that next year is an election year the issues facing the common man will be very far from our legislators mind so forget the MPS being rational over the mwananchis’ concerns

Published by Santina

Founder of African Lifestyle Brand -Maridadi,I have interests in Technology, Society &Culture,Lifestyle and I am working on taking African brands to the global stage,looking to working with individuals and companies that know acknowledge Africa's potential and the amazing individuals that call it home!

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