KAKAMEGA:This is how they roll on the other side of the pond

Kakamega has become my home for now and having never traveled to the Western part of the country before i must say it was kind of an adventure to get here.

Kakamega is like a two street town and you have more likelihood of being hit by a bicycle or motorbike than a car.Not to say that there are no cars in Kakamega but the proportion of bicycles is more than any i have ever seen anywhere even in Nakuru where i thought that boda bodas as they are commonly referred to are many.

There are no boom twaffs like Nairobi,those noisy pubic service vehicles that cut lanes,drive on kerbs and generally are on a mission to take you to the next world if you happen to be a passenger there.Here its the boda boda or bicycle operators with the attitude,and the only rule that applies it two wheeled vehicles have right of way.Minivans seem to be the preferred mode of transport here and its strange to see the little toy car shuttling people to work in the early morning on the Kakamega Busia highway.

Am on a mission to see as much of this town as possible ,so i will be visiting the dog market,Kakamega forest and going to see the crying stone over the next weeks.Will be posting pictures too.


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