Three months paid leave in addition to a month of paid annual leave that women in Kenya are now entitled to have made employers in the country uncomfortable about employing women.Compare that with Sweden that has an year of paid maternity leave for its women.While it Kenya maybe light years away from Sweden in termsContinue reading “WHY KENYAN EMPLOYERS SHOULD BE ASHAMED”


If you fail to plan you are definitely going to fail or so it goes.And looking at the things our leaders are really  good at,one of them is their lack of planning. Samburu is always the first place we look to when drought strike and as sure as dawn will come , there are storiesContinue reading “HUNGER,DROUGHT AND WHY KENYANS ALWAYS PLAN TO FAIL”

Why i have been having nightmares.

Two stories have been causing me nightmares repeatedly over the past two weeks,maybe its because i am a mother and have a daughter who is pretty young.The stories have been of two young girls,one of them was murdered in Kariobangi South during a burglary and the other a young girl life snatched out of herContinue reading “Why i have been having nightmares.”

KENYAN TALK SHOWS-A Little more oomph please

Piers Morgan took over from Larry King and he got a show of his own Piers Morgan Tonight after Larry’s show winded up after 26 years which is a fairly long run for a show.We don’t have nay show on the Kenyan scene that has had such longevity. Growing up i remember watching Press ConferenceContinue reading “KENYAN TALK SHOWS-A Little more oomph please”


A pity party is basically a bash where you spend time feeling oh so sorry for yourself and how life has handed you lemons and you have no juicer to make lemonade.You can even throw nyama choma and crates of Tusker(damn the Mututho laws) and invite all your BFF’s to feel sorry for you. ThisContinue reading “TIME TO END THE KENYAN PITY PARTY”


When the mobile price wars started and everyone was celebrating the lowered rates i said we would pay for it in a few months when KRA fell short of its tax collection.At the time people said i was spoiling the party.Months later the chickens have come home to roost and KRA has already fallen shortContinue reading “CALL RATES,TAXES AND BUDGET DEFICIT”

KAKAMEGA:This is how they roll on the other side of the pond

Kakamega has become my home for now and having never traveled to the Western part of the country before i must say it was kind of an adventure to get here. Kakamega is like a two street town and you have more likelihood of being hit by a bicycle or motorbike than a car.Not toContinue reading “KAKAMEGA:This is how they roll on the other side of the pond”