Why good manners may save Kenya ……….

The problem with Kenya and the world today is that parents have shirked on their responsibility of teaching good manners to their children.

Many times my daughter has come home with the story of how a fellow child at school pushed her around even watching children at play more often than not you will find one who has called another child a name.This just goes to show what the parents are doing at home.Nowadays i scold any child who comes to play at my house and is either rude or mean to other children.Good manners would save us so much trouble and money and commissions just look at the number of people employed by taxpayers to investigate theft of public funds,yet we all know taking other peoples things is wrong.

Anyway i digress on my subject of parents role in teaching children the value of good behavior.It is about time we started instilling values and virtues in our children who are the next generation of Kenyans.We don’t want them shackled with the problems bedeviling us today from crimes to road carnage to corruption which i believe are as a result of lack of manners and good manners at that.Probably etiquette should be introduced as a subject in school and hopefully the next generation of Kenyans will live up to the ideals of good behavior and morals and we may indeed see a brand new Kenya devoid of the social ills that are present today


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