Why good manners may save Kenya ……….

The problem with Kenya and the world today is that parents have shirked on their responsibility of teaching good manners to their children. Many times my daughter has come home with the story of how a fellow child at school pushed her around even watching children at play more often than not you will findContinue reading “Why good manners may save Kenya ……….”

BRANDING-Some Kenyan lessons on the power of emotions.

Safaricom,Tusker and Judge Ian have to be the most recognizable brands in the country.Safaricom flaunts its proudly Kenyan heritage in whatever it odes,from its Niko na Safaricom advert that has everyone talking to its mpesa money transfer service,why lie even its promotional ads all carry Kenyan slang language like the Masonko na safaricom.Moving on toContinue reading “BRANDING-Some Kenyan lessons on the power of emotions.”