Michael Douglas is on fie in this movie,i love the way he shin es in the role of Gordon Gekko,this ruthless ambitious wall street guy who ended up in prison for 8 years for insider trading and when he gets out…well what do you know he is wheeling and dealing even trading his own blood for the love of the game.

Its a beautiful movie totally love it .

Why good manners may save Kenya ……….

The problem with Kenya and the world today is that parents have shirked on their responsibility of teaching good manners to their children.

Many times my daughter has come home with the story of how a fellow child at school pushed her around even watching children at play more often than not you will find one who has called another child a name.This just goes to show what the parents are doing at home.Nowadays i scold any child who comes to play at my house and is either rude or mean to other children.Good manners would save us so much trouble and money and commissions just look at the number of people employed by taxpayers to investigate theft of public funds,yet we all know taking other peoples things is wrong.

Anyway i digress on my subject of parents role in teaching children the value of good behavior.It is about time we started instilling values and virtues in our children who are the next generation of Kenyans.We don’t want them shackled with the problems bedeviling us today from crimes to road carnage to corruption which i believe are as a result of lack of manners and good manners at that.Probably etiquette should be introduced as a subject in school and hopefully the next generation of Kenyans will live up to the ideals of good behavior and morals and we may indeed see a brand new Kenya devoid of the social ills that are present today

BRANDING-Some Kenyan lessons on the power of emotions.

Safaricom,Tusker and Judge Ian have to be the most recognizable brands in the country.Safaricom flaunts its proudly Kenyan heritage in whatever it odes,from its Niko na Safaricom advert that has everyone talking to its mpesa money transfer service,why lie even its promotional ads all carry Kenyan slang language like the Masonko na safaricom.Moving on to Tusker,everyone agrees we have good beer and Tusker stands tall among its peers having won several awards.And there is Jude Ian he of the Tusker project fame show,he is brutally honest,tells it like it is and never shys away from voicing his opinion on anything-I like him.

If Kenyan companies could learn anything from the above,whom ni have just picked randomly is that you need to know what you stand for .Tusker evokes good times it reminds one of a party and nyama choma.What does your business stand for,what emotion does it evoke in your customer or potential buyer?The importance of emotions in branding cannot be overlooked and there was no better example of this than in the Safaricom IPO that generated an overwhelming response from the general public because people felt they were buying into a Kenyan company.I don’t think the stock market will ever generate such excitement for some time to come.No matter what you may think about the company it has made its stamp in the Kneyna psyche.

Judge Ian never disappoints he is known as the straight talking judge who never sugar coats his criticism.Love him or hate him his opinion holds sway with the general public and i think thats why we like to hate him.He never wavers in his opinion.He has been able evoke certain emotions in us,he never falters and you will never catch him having a wishy washy opinion on anything.That is how brands need to be,know what you stand for and stick to it.A good example of a company that need to work on its image is Air-tel,which was formerly Zain and before that Celtel and when it started it was Kencell.I always ask myself ,whatever do they want to be known for apart form their constant battles with the dominant market player in the mobile industry.Hope this time,their freedom strategy stays.

As sure as he sun will rise tomorrow,change follows us our hole lives and it is true any company or business needs to change its strategy with the times but at least be known for consistency in whatever direction you are headed in.