Discovery world has a wonderful advert on why we keep on discovering new things because if we knew it all,what would there be to discover?But this shouldn’t be the case when it comes to our children.

As a parent i have watched with a heavy heart as news media reported an increase in the number of arson attacks in schools which are perpetuated by students themselves.It is a sad day when what is meant to be a fountain of knowledge turns into a death knell for the future generations of this country.

Having in boarding school myself i must say i had a great time and in primary we had a wonderful headmistress Mrs Njue who was like a mother to the 300 or so students that we were at the time.Listening to the students air their grievances that the school authorities are to blame for the riots is hogwash.It seems to be the students are going to school in order to call the shots instead of listening to their teachers.Kenya also must be the only country in the world where parents gang up with their children to protest against school administration.This has led me to ask where the problem lies is it the principals that are the problem or the way we are raising our children.

Nowadays parents in their quest to provide a better life for their children have left the task to nannies and television.And school holidays are no longer the care free days we knew back then,they have become periods where students are spending what should be a leisurely break from studies to cram in the hope of giving the country the best student at national examinations.While appreciating the fact that examinations cannot be avoided whats is the use of having a highly intelligent individual with no morals or respect for a fellow human being.It seems to me we are breeding little monsters in the name of geniuses in our homes,thats why they feel no remorse when they burn down a school dormitory with their fellow schoolmates inside .

I think for too long,parents have been pushing the blame on school administration but really the behavior we are now seeing on national television is as a result of the lack of discipline at home and a devil may care attitude of the parents.If you carefully watch children at play it is very easy to spot the delinquent ones because they are the one picking up fights with other children as the parents watch.It is very important for a parent to play their part.If you have ever owned a dog or love pets in general it is important to know that love and discipline go hand in hand.Dogs are very good examples of this,if you let them you will have you beloved chihuahua running circles around you,but in order for them to behave any dog trainer will tell you discipline goes hand in hand with affection.Dont try to be your child’s best friend be their parent and they will thank you for it.Draw up the lines of what you expect from them and the consequences of breaking rules and they will not disappoint you.This includes admonishing them for bad behavior,get to know whom they hang out with,be an example to them of what good behavior entails and finally balance that with the affection that we all need as humans.

Kenyan parents if you are reading this,wake up to the noble task that has been handed to you by nature and lets raise up a nation of human beings who care about their neighbor.


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