“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.”

Marie Curie, Physicist and first woman to win the Nobel Prize

Kenyans gave a resounding yes vote for the new constitution and now that it is place,i wonder if Kenyan women know of the opportunities available for them in elective posts.I am going to paraphrase chapter 8(On Legislature) of the constitution states:

The National Assembly consists of 290 members and out of these there are 47 seats available for women.

The Senate which shall consist of 47 members will have sixteen women members who shall be nominated by political parties according to their proportion of members of the senate elected under clause(a) in accordance with article 90 of the constitution.

There shall also be two members,being one man and one woman (in the senate)representing the youth and persons with disabilities.

This can mean nothing but good news for the Kenyan woman and it is my hope that we will see more Kenyan women stand up for elective posts.For too long Kenyan voters have been harsh on women standing up for leadership positions and this has not been more apparent than in Parliament where we have just 15 elected and 6 nominated female MP’s out of the 222 members.


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