While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Just the other day while we were watching Tusker Project Fame show on Citizen TV(Kenyan version of American Idol)my daughter asked me where Alpha (last years winner)came from.I answered Rwanda, and she told me”you are going to take me to Rwanda mum,so i can go see him”.I was stunned to say the least,that she said this and her voice held no doubt that mummy is going to do it.

While more often than not i am always second guessing myself,here was my four year old reminding me that i can accomplish anything i set my heart on(within reason of course).

She is still afraid of the dark and will not go to any room at night without her pleading”mummy come switch on the lights” but my four year old has taught me quite a number of lessons.I have watched her determination as she struggled to roll chapati dough like mum.and while i often scold her at spoiling my dough i am amazed at her willingness to take on challenges,she lives by the energizer bunny mantra “never say die”.I hope i remember this all so often whenever i am faced by challenges in my business and personal life.That its OK to be scared but help is just a call away,and that if i keep it at,i will definitely get it right …eventually.

So here is to hoping my daughter gets the intricacies of making chapati dough and rolling the perfect circle in another 10 years.

Published by Santina

Founder of African Lifestyle Brand -Maridadi,I have interests in Technology, Society &Culture,Lifestyle and I am working on taking African brands to the global stage,looking to working with individuals and companies that know acknowledge Africa's potential and the amazing individuals that call it home!

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