Dear Kenyan Film Makers,

This is an open letter to you from an avid TV watcher and couch movie critic.First of all to thank you for the wonderful work you have done so far making Kenya proud with all the awards you have worn internationally.

Is it possible that you tell more Kenyan stories?the rags to riches stories of the Sonkos we have now,of the heroes past like Jaramogi,Tom Mboya,JM Kariuki.Let our children know where we have come from so that we know were we are headed to.We need to tell our stories because no one else will tell them for us.The Mau mau stories,the stories of the Italian POW’S who built that very tiny church along the Mai Mahiu road,the story of the portuguese at the coast
with enough suspense,gun fights and drama that would cure us of our unending love affair of Nigerian movies.

We have so many stories to tell!

Just looking at the credits as they roll out ,i think of all the possibilities that await the Kenyan film industry.From art directors to location mangers to script writers to music directors!The number of jobs that would be created by the film industry would be unimaginable.

Its time that the Kenya film commission did an evaluation of its core responsibilities and started revamping the film industry.First they would have to start with the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication that is stuck in a time warp,the world has moved on and its time we recognized we need more than film editors/producers.Let the college match its courses to industry needs,lets get creative.Can the commission do an audit of all the institutes and colleges that offer training in mass communication,how many are giving their students the necessary skills to match industry needs.And isn’t it time we had a Kenyan film institute?




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