Having read the excerpts of Dinesh D Souza’s book on Obama i was extremely offended that this infamous author sought to disparage Obama’s character by casting aspersion on his(Obamas)father.He further lost every little respect i had of him as an author by claiming that America was being ruled by a ghost!

The fact that some American conservatives actually think this guy is brilliant with his theories is sickening and a shame.

I will never forget waiting to see him being sworn in last year on 20th January,and just before the ceremony began electricity at our house went out.Sharing my disappointment at missing out on this memorable occasion elicited a lot of sympathy from my friends on face book.Though electricity came back after half an hour,i will never forget the excitement that was in the air that day.Everyone i knew was waiting to see Obama sworn in,the excitement was palpable.

Flash forward to September 2010.Watching Obama on CNN,my heart goes out to him.He has more white hair than when he was sworn in(i guess it comes with bearing the responsibilities of a supper power on his shoulders) and yes he does look older than he did January last year.

But listening to him…… is a revelation.The man is a born orator,he speaks and with his words he draws you to him.Listening to him gives you hope to dream of a better future,of possibilities of endless opportunities and it gives you faith in yourself.If he succeeded when all odds were stacked against him,then even i can make IT happen.

Maybe that is what America needs a weaver of dreams……. a man who will make them hope and believe in themselves,that anything is possible.He may not be right all the time but sometimes he really does get it right and Americans ought to give him credit for that.


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